Coca-Cola Endtag

I re-created Coca-Cola’s then current (circa 2012) official broadcast endtag using Cinema4D and a few free models — then added my own spin (pun intended) to it on the last half of the animation where the bottle cap pops up and lands. I partnered with live-action director, Brenton Covington, to visualize this enhanced endtag to help make his spec spot feel 100% authentic.

Client: DynamicFilm; Spec work
Role: Art Direction, 3D, Animation
Tools: Cinema4D, After Effects

Behind the Scenes

Using primarily Cinema4D for the majority of the work, I utilized the dynamics system to help with the cap hitting the ground and spinning, then took over and animated by hand the resolve of the cap. After that, into After Effects with two render passes and compositing the tagline and bubbles with Trapcode Particular.