Alutna Productions Logo

This was my first role in freelancing that involved nothing hands-on. I purely came up with a creative direction and managed the process and the talented designer to create the perfect logo for the client.

Initially, the brief I created had references (toward the bottom of this page) that ended up being very close to the folklore / Native American style that the client was looking for. The logo concept was built around the client’s short story which was heavily imbued with a dark fairytale vibe.

After the logo was complete, I was hands on again with styleframes for a logo animation.

Client: Alutna Productions
Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction
Designer: Amy Grace
Tools: Email, Photoshop

Styleframes for logo animation
Version 2 of owl symbol
Version 3 of owl symbol (my favorite out of the bunch)

Behind the Scenes

References and iterations of the logo as it moved down the line in the refinement process.