50 Cent - Album Art

It’s always been a small dream of mine to design a music artist’s album art. So after listening to The Kanan Tape, I got an idea for this spec project. Around that time, I was also listening to The 50th Law by Robert Greene. From the autobiographical peek into the bleakness of Curtis’ life before he was famous, I began to get an image of this cover in my head. I started sketching the idea out and created this with a few variations. I wanted to visually infuse his drug hustling days with the now infamous nine bullets that he was shot with and produce something that conveyed strength at the same time — I felt that this was a fitting cover for his next major release, whenever it may come (crosses fingers). I initially dubbed this “The Return of 50”.

Client: Self; Spec work
Role: Art Direction, 3D, Design
Tools: Illustrator, Cinema4D, Photoshop

First render
Second render + alternate color treatment

Behind the Scenes

I was able to get a high resolution image from Google of 50’s latest logo, luckily it was a cinch to trace. I did a rough concept early on with a theme of newspaper clippings related to his story / press, but I decided to ditch it in favor of my stronger idea. After a lot of messing around with fracturing in Cinema4D and some free models of bullet shells provided by TurboSquid, I was able to get a nice composition. Lastly, color adjustments and polish in Photoshop.

Early (very) rough concept
Vector creation
Cinema4D Setup